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During the Falklands War in 1982, the Argentine army laid mines all over the islands' beaches to prevent the expected British landings. . Upon surrendering, the Argentine forces handed over the maps to their British counterparts..Even with this kind of help, mine clearance costs time and human lives. Eager to return to more hospitable dimes, the British army carefully filed the maps and went home.In 1988, following a campaign in the UK, experts were appointed to clear the mined areas. But in the intervening six years, rain, snow and erosion had rendered the maps hopelessly out of date. The experts settled for fencing off the affected areas with mile upon mile of barbed wire..26 000  mines still remain.The barbed wire is still there.  There has been no campaign to count the three-legged sheep, a unique, living monument to non-compliance with international conventions.
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